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Request a Commercial Mortgage Quote

Choose from the categories listed in the Property Type list to identify the purpose of the commercial mortgage and then please complete the remaining details as fully as possible.

  Quote Details View guidance notes  

These guidance notes aim to provide a professional and structured approach to completing a successful proposition to be put before a lender. They should be used to evolve discussions between client and adviser, helping to clarify the process of ascertaining the client's requirements. Gathering the information required for a proposal can be remembered by the pneumonic 'PARTS'.


Brief synopsis of the client’s requirements:

• What do they want the money for?
• Purchase price and the life of the property being purchased?
• Is it to refinance?


Always establish the full requirements at the outset to ensure we are not faced with a further request to complete/continue a project.

• What is the total cost of the transaction?
• Have all costs in the project been budgeted for?
• What is the customer’s contribution and where will it come from?
• Is the contribution borrowed – will additional commitment place undue pressure upon ability to repay?


An assessment of the clients' ability to repay is essential and is considered more important than the security.

• Repayment should be clearly identified at the out set, i.e. tenant income, profits, asset sales, etc.
• Where will repayment come from?
• Can the client afford it from the business’s cash flow?


Normally in line with life expectancy of property purchased.

Details marked with * are required.
Property Type *    Property Type - For more details, see the main Commercial Mortgages page.
Property Value (£)  Property Value - If this proposal is for more than 1 property, please include the total project value.
Deposit (£)  Deposit - Total value of the cash and assets available for deposit.
Advance (£)*  Advance - The total amount required for the mortgage advance.
Number of Years  Budget calculator Number of Months - The length or term you wish to repay in.
Introducer's Name  Introducer - The name of the Company or person introducing this proposal to VFS.
Contact Name*  Contact Name - The name of the person VFS will contact regarding this proposal.
Phone Number*   
Email Address*  Email Address - Please ensure this is correct, you will be sent a confirmation to this address.
Company Name*  Company Name - Company or person(s) on the mortgage deed.
Company Number  if applicable Company Number - Registered Limited company number if applicable.
Company Address - Street*  Company Address - The full registered postal address of the company making this application.
Town/City*  Please note VFS only deal with UK registered companies.
Post Code*   
Years Trading*   
Brief description 
of Property* 

Brief Description of Property - The property offers the security to the mortgage. Please supply a brief description.
Supporting Information

Please indicate whether any of the following are available

  Property Details Supporting Information - This information is relevant to either the security or the ability to repay the mortgage.

Please read our guidance notes for more details.
  Sales Particulars
  Recent Valuation
  Audited Accounts
  Management Accounts
  Bank Statements
  Details of any Rental / Lease Income
Is the property purchase connected to a SIPP or SSAS?    SIPP / SSAS - Please check this box if the purchase of this property is connected to a SIPP or SSAS.
Please add any 
additional details here 
Additional details - Please enter any additional details or information that you wish to add to the proposal here.
Enter the Code below:   Case sensitive

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Before submitting your information, please ensure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions set out in our privacy policy.

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