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Benefits of Leasing

Buy what appreciates...

Rent what depreciates...

Leasing is a well established, tax efficient way of financing a wide variety of equipment

Whatever your business, whatever your strategies and objectives, in a dynamic environment leasing can make more sense than buying. Leasing gives you financial flexibility, helps you to meet changing technology needs quickly and easily, and may offer tax advantages too.

Examples of equipment that can be leased:

Computers, Servers, IT and Telecommunications Equipment

CAD/CAM, Digital Imaging and Pre Press Equipment

Dental, Veterinary, Optical and Specialised Medical Equipment

Catering, Vending and Food Production Equipment

CNC Machinery, Production and Handling Equipment

Complete and submit an

Outline Proposal and an

adviser will contact you.

Invest in a specific piece of equipment now.

Cover annual expenditure to invest and grow as it needs.

Ensure funds are always available to ensure increased investment agility.

Release money back into the company from assets you have already invested in.

What are the Key Benefits of Leasing?

 Financial Benefits
 Technology Benefits
 PRA Can Help Maintain Supplier Relationships
 Complete Flexibility when using VFS

Complete Flexibility when using VFS

We can provide an efficient way to fund fast depreciating, short-life assets, releasing working capital for longer-term projects with higher investment returns.

Lease repayments are matched to your business needs, avoiding reactive cash flow spikes and under or over supply issues, whilst optimising Return on Investment.

The lease chosen will be cash flow efficient, with all capital expenditure offset over the term of the agreement. It is highly tax efficient; with rentals offset 100% against taxable profits over the lease term giving tax allowance acceleration.

VFS has lenders, subject to suitability, that can provide an immediate facility for your current technology infrastructure, particularly if purchased within the last twelve months. The assets (which can include hardware, software and services) are acquired by the lessor for the tax written down value (or original cost dependant upon the age of the assets) and are then leased back to you. This provides positive cash flow and gains the benefits of a lease acquisition vehicle, while the assets remain in place and continue to be used in the normal manner

Leasing allows you to keep your equipment up to date, make improved use of your cash and tax position and have complete flexibility at the end of an equipment lease. You can continue to use it, renew it or simply return it. The choice is yours.

Contact Us today and learn more about how VFS can benefit your business with a competitive leasing agreement.

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